Man returns home in the same clothes after 30 years missing

A man disappeared in the 90s, and a strange vehicle left him on his doorstep 30 years later in the same clothes he “vanished” in

One ordinary morning in 1991, in the countryside near Bacau, a small town in the eastern part of Romania, Vasile Gorgos, a 63-year-old farmer, tells his family that he is going on a little business trip.

Nothing unusual since Vasile trades cattle and has already made the same trip dozens of times. As always, he would make the trip by train. He even he already bought the ticket from him. The same day he leaves, but this time, Vasile does not return home.

Since Vasile usually returns the same day, his family immediately alarms the police. A day passes, nothing. Two days go by and still nothing. Eventually the days turn into weeks; weeks turn into months.

His family assumes that Vasile died.

They suspect foul play, but because they never find any clues, they can never find full closure. His family regularly organizes a memorial service for Vasile, but many questions never get answered…

Until 30 years later!

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, a car pulls up in front of Vasile’s family home, which is still the same house where he lived 30 years ago.

Vasile, now 93 years old, gets out of the backseat. He looks confused. His family can’t believe their eyes.

When Vasile is asked where he has been for 30 years, he replies that he was at ‘his house’. But he gets even weirder.

They notice that he is wearing the exact same clothes as when he left 30 years ago. His train ticket is still in his pocket.

After a full medical examination, the doctors can only conclude that Vasile is in good health. For 30 years, he was perfectly cared for.

Except for some neurological problems, nothing extraordinary for a man of his age, they do not find any medical problems.

The strange thing is that he can perfectly remember his family, his house and everything he knew 30 years ago. But Vasile doesn’t remember anything from the last 30 years.

The neighbors, who saw Vasile get out of the car, were so shocked by the whole scene that they did not notice the driver or the license plate. Also, the driver never left the car. The moment Vasile got out, the car immediately drove away.

For 30 years, Vasile’s family had been desperately waiting for some answers. 30 years later, they only received more questions.

Where have you been? What happened to him? Who left it? How can he keep wearing the same clothes? Why has he forgotten everything that happened to him?

So many questions and today.. no answer

The strangest and creepiest thing about this story is the fact that he was wearing the same clothes. He even still had his train ticket. That allows us to speculate on some wilder theories.

“They” abducted him to do experiments? Because the? Or did Vasile enter a portal to a different dimension and those 30 years passed in a second for him?

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