Former Area 51 agent: “I flew in a UFO and traveled back in time”

Area 51 continues with its aura of mystery and theories about different controversial events about aliens. Now, a former agent has confessed to having piloted a UFO and that he traveled back in time.

Robert Miller is a former agent who worked inside Area 51 . However, he is best known for all of his UFO research, as well as being recruited by the US government. However, few know that he confessed that he flew an alien ship and managed to travel in time.

«Pilot a UFO and travel in time»

According to Miller’s statements, he had the opportunity to be on board and operate an alien ship. The UFO was piloted with thoughts and even allowed him to travel through time.

Miller finally decided to reveal all his experience to the world because he felt it was a mistake not to tell the world the truth about the UFO experiments and tests that have been carried out by the different governments of the world.

Specifically the US government, who have been covering it up for decades.

The former agent declared that the ship he had piloted could only be activated using the mind : “You must imagine that you are one more extension of the vehicle and that you are floating along with it.”

What really happened?

However, he also said that, after a short time on board the UFO, he passed out. The next thing he knew, he was in a hospital and it was a man who approached him who told him what had happened.

According to the statements of that mysterious man, the UFO landed and disappeared abruptly . They heard a huge explosion in the middle of the night, and to their surprise, it was the same ship that had appeared, crashing in exactly the same place , but hours later.

The scientists who were with the former agent theorized that the UFO had managed to travel in time . However, the pilot was not presented with any type of evidence related to this incident.

It is not the first time that a former government worker, whether political or military, has declared that he participated in a secret government project. However, daring to say that he was capable of piloting a UFO and that, thanks to it, he was able to travel in time, is something that has been seen very little


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