They discover a tribe that lives in the depths of the Earth (Video)

The collapse of a mine in Jixi, China, on February 28, 2003, generated great controversy due to the disappearance of 14 miners. However, 5 years later, the world learned of the existence of the Ctones, an intraterrestrial tribe that saved 2 of the disappeared.

The efforts of the authorities rescued only 12 bodies of the 14 miners . The remains of Lao Pen and Wan Hu were not found. But in 2008, Wan Hu returned, telling a story about the Ctones and a tribe that lived in the depths of the Earth.

Ctones An intraterrestrial tribe?

When Wan Hu returned, he found that his wife was already married, so he bought a new house and took up gardening.

Within weeks, the authorities learned of his return, as his family had received compensation. They quickly went to review the situation; if Wan Hu was alive, his family should not have received anything from the government.

They questioned the man and his family and he claimed that they had not taken advantage of the situation. They obviously asked him what had happened ; He replied that he had lived with the Ctones, a powerful civilization from the bottom of the Earth.

This attracted powerful attention, they even hospitalized him, doubting his mental capacity. But medical tests showed that he was perfectly healthy.

The doctors could not explain how he did not have any signs of anthracosis or any illness resulting from the inhalation of coal dust. Something that Wan Hu suffered from since he worked in the mine. For some reason, he had been cured in his stay with the so-called Ctones.

perfect health

Another strange analysis was that he had his 32 teeth, when the medical record showed that he only had 25 . His health looked like that of a twentysomething, even though he was already 39 years old.

Also, Wan Hu had 40,000 yuan in his bank account. When the government traced his movements, it found that he had an additional 10,000 yuan in cash and uncut diamonds valued at 300,000 yuan.

The authorities quickly suspected that it was not really the miner, but a foreign spy .

Hu explained that he got the money by selling the diamonds to a jeweler in Shanghai. When questioned about the provenance of these, he said that they had been given to him by the Ctones .

Wan Hu and Lao Pen found themselves separated from the other miners. They waited 3 days for the rescue, since they had enough water for it, but they did not have any food .

When they noticed that there was no sign of their search, they began to explore the mine , hoping to find a way to the surface.

Unfortunately, the only thing they managed to do was get lost in the maze of tunnels , until something strange happened. They were attacked by some strange short humans who captured them and led them even deeper.

an unknown kingdom

What they believed would be his death led to the arrival of an impressive kingdom . This was illuminated by a system of crystals, to the point that it could be read.

At the end of the tunnels, there were large caves inhabited by thousands of Ctones. The men lived for 5 years with these creatures. They learned their language and realized that they were not captives, as they believed.

In fact, these beings believed that they were rescuing them from the terror of the surface. The Ctones had the idea that life outside their caves was an ordeal , where hunger and disease killed thousands of people.

The Ctones ate from a fungus that abounded in the caves. This one tasted fresh, delicious and was very healthy. Thanks to this, his teeth regenerated and his illnesses disappeared.

These creatures even had a developed writing system , they knew paper and metallurgy. Although they rarely used iron, they focused more on gold, silver, and bronze.

These beings saw the miners as their equals, so they had all the facilities that the rest of the Ctones. However, Wan Hu wanted to return to his family and the sunlight once more.

Although they tried to convince him, he had already made up his mind, so he was guided to the surface. Lao Pen decided to live the rest of her life with these fascinating creatures.

Wan Hu was declared mentally unstable , he was even sent to a military base and his family never heard from him again.

This is one of the hundreds of strange cases of intraterrestrial civilizations that have fascinated the world. However, many people still doubt its veracity. Is there really a world below the surface totally alien to ours?

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