The Great Pyramid of China and “the beings that came from the stars”

Researchers have found alleged evidence that 12,000 years ago, “an alien race used the Great Pyramid of China and part of the region of the country as an extraterrestrial base.”

The mysterious pyramid of Xiangyang is the center of legends about beings from other worlds.

The Pyramid of Xiangyang , in China, has been the focus of different theories. The locals assure that their ancestors mentioned great extraterrestrial ships that flew through the skies and that their landing point was always the pyramid.

Thus, a scientific exploration team discovered that the origins of this legend are not as fictitious as many believe and that the pyramidal structure could be proof of the existence of extraterrestrial bases in the past.

The Pyramid of Xiangyang Alien landing strip?

At 61 meters long , the area around the pyramid is surrounded by strange pipes and anomalous artifacts . The Chinese Xinhua State Agency was the first to investigate this event and 9 men to study the pyramid.

The team discovered that pipes existed running through caves and other cavities under the Earth . So far, 3 caves with triangular openings in their façade have been discovered, all filled with reddish pipes that lead to a mountain and a saltwater clearing.

There are dozens of conduits that pass over the caves. All of different diameters and traversing the mountainside, under the imposing pyramid.

All conduits match the color of the rocks; a strange reddish brown color that blend into the ground .

Another cluster of pipes is around the terrain in different directions. Some follow the shoreline to a saltwater lake , while others go underwater.

The purpose of these pipes is currently unknown, although some scientists have declared that it is possible that the structure is the remains of some kind of space base or outpost.

The Great Pyramid of China, moreover, extends much farther than it can be seen. Evidence suggests the existence of an advanced technological network of pressure pipelines , water supplies, and possibly fuel.

It is worth mentioning that the pyramid dates back to 10,000 BC. C. , although it is believed to be older. For that reason, it’s impossible for any human to have done it.

Mysterious primitive pyramids

The oldest pyramids in China are believed to date back to 12,000 BC. C.

Qin Jianwen, head of the publicity department of the Government of Delingha, assured that the remains of the pipe were analyzed, the majority being silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. Although more than 8% of the metal was left as ” unidentified “.

This evidence fits perfectly into the “unofficial” story of China. That which they have hidden from the public and is known as “The early culture of China.”

The ancient history of the country is full of legends, about the “people of heaven” and the “God-men” who came from the stars and used the Earth as a base .

It was these beings who taught the primitive inhabitants of the country the basic fundamentals of agriculture, engineering and how the Universe is made up.

In fact, at the beginning of the 20th century, two Australian merchants who crossed central China, came across more than 100 pyramids . The locals assured the men that the pyramids were much older than the country itself .

Other newer pyramids date from the reigns of the emperors . These rulers normally spoke of aliens, even presuming to be descendants of those who came to Earth in iron dragons. Those responsible for building the first pyramids .

It is possible that the clearest history of ancient extraterrestrial civilizations is found in the mysterious “Dropa disks”, which are dated to 12,000 years .

The Dropas came down from the clouds in their ships. Men, women and children from neighboring villages hid in the caves ten times before dawn. When they finally understood the sign language of the Dropas, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions… »

This translation belongs to Dr. Tsum Um Nui, the man who was able to decipher the language in the stones.

Dropa Discs The Ancient History of China?

Los Discos Dropa tells the story of aliens who came to Earth.

The Dropa Stones were found by Chi Pu Tei , in charge of an archaeological expedition to the Baian-Kara-Ula mountain range , in 1938.

This mountain range is on the Sino-Tibetan border -, and has many legends about the union between aliens and humans.

During explorations in caverns, of intricate accesses on the last mountain that was inhabited by the natives thousands of years ago, the team found pictograms of the Solar System .

On the walls there was even a map that illustrated the heavens, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, the Earth, and different constellations and alignments.

Experts said these pictograms looked more like trade routes , or a kind of explorers guide . Other pictograms showed beings with giant heads and small bodies .

But the biggest find were some stone disks half buried in the floor. When they cleaned them, they found that they had a thin spiral groove . The object was 9 centimeters and about 3/4 of an inch wide.

In total, 716 discs were found , some in pristine condition, others with some damage or broken. After inspecting the disks, they realized that they contained some kind of hieroglyphs within the grooves. Obviously these counted for something .

However, despite the historical importance of these finds, the discs were stored and forgotten. Or at least it was until Tsum Um Nui managed to copy the structure of each disk to analyze it.

The strange writing was so small that it could only be read through magnifying glasses . Nui, an expert in ancient languages, worked directly for several months, until he managed to decipher the message.

The aliens that crashed on Earth

The Dropa could be the civilization that used the Pyramid and part of China as its base.

The writings on the Dropa Discs told a story from 12,000 years ago about a lost civilization.

Talk about the Dropa’s journey to Earth. As your ship crashed, you were stranded in this unknown world . The ship was known to the locals as the Baian-Kara-Ula mountain, which is part of the Himalayas .

The Dropa used the caves for shelter. Caves where the pictograms and discs were found.

These beings had bulging heads and tiny bodies . At first, the hunters tried to kill them, until people noticed that these beings were not a threat .

In fact, today the locals continue to tell these stories as part of their culture.

Nui wrote a book about his find for the Chinese Academy of Prehistory. However, the higher ups refused to publish it .

The Mao government ensured that the book was not published anywhere, even outside of China, and was prohibited from talking about the Dropa records .

Even so, Nui shared the information with colleagues from other nations so that the information would leak out to the world.

Obviously, without tangible proof of this whole story, there is no way if it is real or not. However, the legends told by the locals of the area, fits perfectly with the myths of other ancient civilizations in other parts of the world, which tell of the arrival of beings from other worlds to Earth.

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