The ether and Nikola Tesla’s “flying machine” (Video)

One of Nikola Tesla’s greatest goals was to be able to create a flying machine that did not use any type of propulsion. Therefore, he dedicated part of his life to working with the ether…

For a long time,  Nikola Tesla  thought that he could build an aircraft totally different from the known ones. Over the years, his idea led to the creation of a flying machine that would  work with ether  and would be able to fly through space.

Interplanetary ships and the ether

Nikola Tesla always had a dream; that the world had a  free wireless energy source.

However, officials at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade have made an even more surprising claim. The inventor left sketches of interplanetary ships that never came to fruition due to the beginning of  World War II . In fact, he feared that these plans would be used for war purposes.

Such information was never made available to Western scientists. Tesla himself described the machine as follows:

Its operation would be directed towards the direction of flight, once chosen, the compression of the ether would be made  weaker  by the generator installed in the flying machine.

As long as the aether was still pressing hard from all other sides, the airship  would begin to move . The pilot would not feel acceleration from him, since the aether would not  hamper his movement from him.

“But I had to abandon my plans to create the flying machine. There were two reasons for this: First, I don’t have the money to work secretly. But the main reason is that the great war started in Europe and I would not like my inventions to be used to kill! When the hell will these crazy people stop?

Tesla wrote in the document found in the museum.

The fifth element”

But what is the ether? This ship would move thanks to it, or the rarefaction of it in the direction of motion, because from all other sides, being constant in space, it will always push on the ship, moving it.

It should be clarified that, what is understood as “ether”, something that  not even science knows how to explain  well. To date, it is known to be an  omnipresent force or fluid , filling the void of  space . Thus, it becomes a medium for the propagation of  light, gravity, and electromagnetism .

Tesla explained that as it sets in motion, it becomes  dense matter . If its movement stops, the substance  returns to its normal state .

Thus this energy could be used as a medium and thanks to the  appropriate means  to start and stop the flows of ether, making matter  appear and disappear . Manipulating her at will. Thus, other worlds would be reached.

Tesla believed, then, that ordinary matter is  simple densified ether . The substance that permeates everything.

Although early modern models of the aether were superseded by  general relativity , some scientists attempted to bring the concept back to address perceived differences in  Einstein ‘s current model .

For example, the  dark matter hypothesis , the “quintessence”, which was named after the classical element. This hypothetical form of energy is born as an explanation of observations of an accelerating universe.  


According to Tesla, by harnessing the ether, his flying machine  would not need wings or propellers . It would move in any direction at high speed and stop in midair, remaining static. In addition, it would reach  higher speeds  than any other aerial vehicle has ever achieved, regardless of the weather or the air.

Its stability would depend on a  gyroscope , which would be assisted by some devices that it did not disclose.

Interestingly, the inventor did not want to give more statements about it, he only reaffirmed his idea of ​​a  single engine . Capable of doing things never seen before.

You don’t have to be a UFO fan to realize that what Nikola Tesla described is a UFO. Or at least, the classic idea of ​​these unknown flying ships. As a result of this, various theories have been born; from a possible relationship with extraterrestrials or that, after all, their plans and sketches were stolen.

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