Surveillance camera recorded a “triangular UFO” over the houses

A surveillance camera installed in the courtyard of the house recorded a triangular UFO, or three luminous objects, moving slowly but resolutely across the dark sky.

This video was recorded in the early morning hours of October 23, 2021 in St Albans, UK, but has only recently been posted online.

UFOs move in synchronization or near synchronization, so it is very difficult to tell if they are three different objects or one triangleshaped object. Ufology enthusiasts believe the latter is more likely.

Many people believe that this video is not fake, as a slight visual stretch can be seen in it, which is often the case when using wide angle lenses.

“This is probably the best recording online of this (triangular) spacecraft.”

“Initially, I thought it might be three objects moving in unison, but the space between the lights is for a combined ship, not three separate objects ,” wrote one user.

“That’s great! I really hope that the introduction of easily accessible cameras everywhere from cars to door cameras to security cameras will capture more of these things,” another commented.

The video has gone viral on social media and has received hundreds of comments. Unfortunately, there is no information on whether this video has been shown to any video editing experts.

Skeptical users expressed the opinion that it could be three drones specially configured to move in the shape of a triangle, or three helicopters for some reason flying in such a grouping.

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