Jeremy Corbell: “I know for a fact that we have salvaged alien spacecraft”

Jeremy Corbell, author of the latest documentary on Bob Lazar and Area 51, has reaffirmed that the US has intact alien spacecraft in its possession.

“I know for certain—and it has been proven to me beyond any doubt —that we have ships and machines that we have tried to reverse engineer, and they are not from here.”

“Whoever built these machines seems to be a non-human intelligence,” Jeremy Corbell said in a recent interview with British actor and activist Russell Brand for his YouTube channel.

The filmmaker then referred to the special access programs that have been financed with a black budget to work on these materials and ships, implying that the great secrecy in this regard has a more than obvious reason.

“Anything that is obtained can be turned into a weapon of mass destruction.”

“The propulsion system itself on these ships is gravitational. If someone can figure out how to build it, if China or Russia can for example, suddenly that nation would have the biggest advantage over others that any nation has ever had in human history.”

“So this is taken very seriously by people within our Department of Defense,” Corbell explained.

«I can personally assure you that it is. This is not a fringe issue, it is classified at the highest level of Homeland Security,” she added.

What the filmmaker said coincides with a statement made to Newsweek by US Congressman Tim Burchett earlier this month.

“We have recovered a ship at some point, and possible beings,” said the politician.

“I think a lot of that is being reverse engineered right now, but we just don’t get it.” The full interview can be seen below


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