Scientists claim to have found and deciphered an alien message

What would happen if we made contact with an extraterrestrial species? How would we recognize or interpret his intelligence, and what would we say? Maybe that time has come…

Russian scientists claim to have discovered and deciphered a message from the Canis Major constellation, Russian news outlet reports.

“It is naive to expect radio transmissions from siblings in mind: civilizations that are far ahead of us in development probably possess some other means of communication, more advanced than electromagnetic ones,” says Nina Sokulina, head of the research and science professor . geological and mineralogical.

Indeed, if the addressee is tens, hundreds, or even thousands of light-years away, it simply does not make sense to send him radio waves – they will arrive after tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years, spreading at the speed of light.

Cosmic distances require much faster communication: it is desirable to exchange information instantly.

“Aliens somehow affect our intestines ,” says Nina Vladimirovna.

“Influence so that they become the carrier of the transferred information. We discovered it in the anomalous zone of Western Siberia, in the area of the village of Okunevo, Omsk region, located between the Irtysh and Tara rivers.”

The Okunevskaya anomalous zone for a long time demonstrated various phenomena: flashes, vertical columns of light and bright spots on the grass, similar to huge sunbeams.

People often saw orbs there, objects that looked like large balls of fire.

Geophysicists of the company “Geostroykom” with the help of modern research equipment made sure that the anomalous phenomena in the area were due to strange electromagnetic radiation emanating from it.

“It was strangely different from the natural background.”

Attention was drawn to the results of the magnetic intensity measurements. The values of the vertical component (Hz) of the electromagnetic field, isolated from the general matrix, demonstrated a clear order, completely atypical of natural processes.

In a certain range, they were, as it were, amplitude modulated. The researchers identified spikes.

The peaks alternated depending on the frequency of occurrence in the words and phrases of the Russian language of certain letters: vowels and consonants.

There was a text written in Russian. But in the form of magnetic field values. There are 738 letters in the text, so many spikes were identified.

Sokulina and his colleagues explain in detail in a report called “The First Instrumental Sign of an Extraterrestrial Civilization” what methods they used, selecting specific letters based on a statistical analysis of various literary texts.

According to Russian scientists, the message from aliens in Russian contains a proposal for cooperation, but without harming other countries, says Nina Vladimirovna.

They found out where the information came from, but only the beginning was accurately deciphered.

“Earthlings, we are sending a signal ,” the message reads. “We are the star of the Canis Major of the bright star system.”

And this is just the beginning of what scientists have figured out. According to the codebreakers, the words “bright star Canis Major system star” point to Sirius, not far away: 8.6 light-years.

But Sirius is by no means a single star, but a system of two stars: A and B, one of which is a white dwarf.

Both are no more than 300 million years old, too young to have a planet with highly intelligent inhabitants.

According to some astronomical observations and calculations, there is a third star in the Sirius system, a red dwarf, which is not visible from Earth. Very old and very dim. But still capable of being the candidate for the planet of the authors of the message.

In many earthly myths, there are references to the fact that aliens, gods, flew from somewhere from Sirius.

According to the hypothesis, people owe the fairly extensive astronomical knowledge and technical skills that appeared in ancient times to newcomers from Sirius.

It is unknown if these extraterrestrial “brothers” and the authors of the message are the same.

The Russian media reports that it has not yet been possible to fully understand the meaning of this message, but the best specialists are currently heading to unravel this riddle.

We will have to wait to find out if it really is a message of extraterrestrial origin.

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