Egyptian statue? They find a mysterious rock on the surface of Mars

A mysterious image of a rock on the surface of Mars has caused a stir on social networks. Its similarity to an ancient Egyptian statue sparked a heated debate about ancient Martian civilizations.

The image captured by the  Curiosity rover  sparked a debate about the possibility that millions of years ago, an ancient and advanced civilization may have developed on the surface of Mars. Interestingly, the rock appears to be an  ancient Egyptian statue .

Ancient Egyptian statue on Mars?

This find and many other “strange rocks” could suggest that life  originated on Mars  and was subsequently  transferred  to Earth.

Plasma physicist, theorist, and researcher  John Brandenburg has previously worked as a consultant at Monrningstar Applied Physics LLC, as well as NASA.

It revealed that in the distant past, Mars was inhabited by advanced alien civilizations. Unfortunately, they were destroyed by a nuclear war that engulfed the entire red planet.

Brandenburg was the inventor of the  Electro-Thermal Microwave plasma thruster , using  water propellant  for space propulsion. He also served as Deputy Manager of the  Clementine Mission  to the Moon. A mission that was carried out jointly between the  Ballistic Missile Defense Organization and NASA.

“Mars presents the human race with a Darwinian intelligence test, and so far, we’re failing it. Scientists can’t connect the dots on Mars because the resulting image is too terrifying to accept.”

With the arrival of  NASA ‘s Curiosity rover on Mars, several mysterious images  have been captured   while exploring its surface.

During its journey, the ship has found rocks with enigmatic shapes. Many independent theorists and researchers suggest that this is evidence of  past life on Mars . Recently, the discovery of an alleged  Egyptian statue , or similar, caused a wave of comments and complaints.

Ancient Martian Civilization?

But it is not the first time this has happened. The rover has captured statues, helmets, “too perfect” rocks that look carved. There is even evidence of what looks like  Hieroglyphics  and what some believe may be fossils or even living life forms.

NASA defends itself by claiming that the strange images are the product of  pareidolia , the strange psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually visual or auditory, by perceiving a known pattern where  there is none.

But many of the finds on the red planet  are unexplained  and defy all logic. This leads many people to question the possibility that Mars was inhabited in the past.

Most awesome; that there are monuments similar to Egyptian statues, Mayan pyramids or underground temples, yet to be discovered.

The person responsible for discovering the supposed ancient Egyptian statue of  Mars  was Joe White, responsible for the YouTube channel, ArtAlienTV-MARS-ZOO.

The image of the alleged ‘Ancient Egyptian Statue’ on Mars was discovered by Joe White of the  ArtAlienTV-MARS ZOO YouTube channel .

“I have found what appears to be a small, female-looking statue head on Mars in Gale Crater in this latest image from NASA’s Curiosity.”

The strange finds on the red planet keep happening and while NASA continues to deny them, the list continues to grow. Is it the remains of an ancient Martian civilization or a simple optical illusion?

said Joe White, as he described his discovery in the video below:

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