Orion’s Cube: “An Alien Time Travel Device”

The existence of aliens has generated controversy for many years, however, surprising statements by top officials reveal that they know more than we think. So it is that a scientist and former employee of the United States Armed Forces spoke of the enigmatic Orion Cube.

Dan Burisch , Ph.D in microbiology, was the one who  exposed  the secret about the Orion cube, time machines, secret government plans and the extinction of humanity.

Dan Burisch and the Orion cube

Burisch was born in California in 1964. He studied microbiology and psychology at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated in 1986 and earned a Ph.D. in 1989 in New York.

His passion for science began at the age of 5, when he was given his first microscope. Later, he would become the  youngest member  of the Los Angeles Society for Microbiology.

In 1986, he received an unexpected visit at the University of Las Vegas, from the so-called ” secret government ” of the United States.

Men dressed in military uniforms offered him work on a  secret project . In 1987, he began working for a government office in Nevada dealing with  prisoner parole . In ’89 he started receiving  tissue samples . His job was to examine them elsewhere and send the reports back to their original location.

That same year he worked on a secret project called « Sharp Storm ». But, in 1994, they took him to an  underground base  called « Siglo IV », which is part of Area 51. There he started working on the « Aquarium Project ».

There he discovered that the government was in  possession  of the so-called Orion cube, spaceships and extraterrestrial beings. In one apartment there was information about beings called “Orions” and beings from the  Z Reticuli star system . Also a copy of the agreement between  Eisenhower  and beings known as  P-50 and the so-called Orions .

Aliens and spaceships

In the place known as the Bay of Galileo, Burisch discovered  different spaceships . One of them was the one used by  Bob Lazar , there was also the protagonist of the  Roswell incident .

As the scientist explained, we have a  misconception  of aliens and that there were several kinds.

He assured that some came from other planets, but others were  humans from the future , looking to solve certain problems. Still, they were terrestrial; humans evolved  thousands of years later.

They are classified with the letter P, which represents the present time, and the years that lead us to the future. For example, those of Roswell are P-24, that is, the  present time plus 24,000 years in the future.

The others are known as the « J ROD P-45, J ROD P-52 and P-54. He assured that these “J ROD” suffer from a  strange and painful disease , and that they participated in a project that sought a cure.

He claimed to have taken blood samples from a female of these beings and that he had been working with this creature for 2 years.

Burisch assured that they established a friendly relationship and that, in one of their meetings, she broke the protocol and pounced on him.

He  telepathically transmitted  much information to him, in which he highlighted that the majority of humanity would die in a  nuclear catastrophe . The survivors hid underground to survive.

time machines

24,000 years later, the most advanced beings on Earth managed to  travel in time , so they traveled to Roswell in 1947. In this way, it would be known that the incident spacecraft was a  time machine .

Colonel  Philip J. Corso , author of “The Day After Roswell,” beings were made to travel in space-time. They had  2 brains , one to control the ships, and they didn’t reproduce. In addition, he assured that the ship was  the key to technological advancement .

Other survivors of the extinction  colonized  the Moon, Mars and finally, Orion, home of the P-52 or Orions.

The P-45s would be the villains, beings who wanted nuclear catastrophe to justify their existence. They are responsible for most kidnappings. They lack emotional empathy.

Eisenhower  met with the groups to prevent catastrophe. In this meeting,  diplomatic agreements were reached , where human kidnapping was approved to be studied, as long as they were not damaged and their memory was later erased.

The Orions gave Eisenhower the  Orion cube , a device 7 centimeters wide and 20 long, capable of  predicting the future .

This device went through different years throughout history, especially among members of the elite to guarantee its future.

Orion’s cube remains a contentious issue among theorists, some believe it is the same “Looking Glass”, used by powerful associations to see the probabilities of future events.

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