Namlu’u: The “first giant human race” that inhabited the Earth (Video)

In all the myths there is talk of an ancient and primeval humanity and of a golden age that flourished countless times ago, and the Namlu’u were that humanity.

The Namlu’u were a giant androgynous race approximately four meters tall, female in nature, with slender bodies and an elongated skull, with dark skin as well as their eyes, black and deep, which reflected the Khaa Universe.

They gave off incredible wisdom, compassion, and love, their hair being the color of fire itself. Her genetics had been contributed by different star races, but above all that of the Queen of Orion herself prevailed .

The fire of the Goddess and the essence of the Khaa flowed through their veins, being truly divine, they were multidimensional beings, and their semi-etheric bodies allowed them to materialize and dematerialize at will through the use of the Merkaba, the individual Light Field.

The term Merkaba means “Chariot” in Hebrew, but this word can also be translated in Egyptian, as “Link between Soul and Spirit”.

The term Namlú’u was used by the “gods” and the Sumerians to designate this Primordial Humanity.

Later, the term was used to refer to the Sumerians, who were the first humans in Mesopotamia, those who were in contact with the “gods”.

The departure of the Namlu’u from our dimension was timed with the arrival of the Anunna on Earth.

The Namlu’u are beings that gather uncommon abilities. They were created “all at once” by the Kadištu, who seeded life on this planet. They were, so to speak, the Keepers of the Earth.

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