Is there an alien city hidden in a dome on the moon Ganymede?

Jupiter’s mysterious moon, and its largest, Ganymede, has a thin atmosphere and oxygen, with a pressure comparable to that of Earth’s atmosphere several hundred kilometers up. Therefore, it is not surprising that a possible alien city has been found under a dome.

Those responsible for the discovery of an alien city on Ganymede are American astronomers while observing the satellite with the Hubble telescope. They even believe that they have managed to identify bolear auroras on the Jovian moon.

Alien city on Ganymede

The largest ocean in the entire Solar System is not found on Earth. There is Ganymede, the largest Moon of all the satellites of Jupiter.

If it weren’t for the fact that this celestial body was already recognized as a giant planet Moon , it could easily be considered as another world in itself.

In fact, with its more than 5,200 kilometers in diameter , it exceeds the dimensions of Mercury and is only slightly smaller than Mars.

On the other hand, like Earth and Jupiter, it has a type of atmospheric event called the magnetosphere . A magnetic shield that deflects the solar wind and the charged particles of energy that come from it.

All these characteristics, added to the recent images of the Khensu crater , suggest that there is a city inside a kind of black dome on the surface of Ganymede.

Many theorists assume that the crater is actually some kind of semi- transparent domed dome .

An alien creation?

Like the black eyelids that experts theorize aliens possess , such material is made to allow some light to pass through. However, it is capable of filtering dangerous radiation from the Sun and the Universe.

In fact, it is believed that this dome may have been created by this same extraterrestrial civilization; the Grays.

Scott C. Waring is the main precursor of this theory. The controversial ufologist presented his finding along with an image.

It would not be the first time that Waring has made such a controversial statement about his discoveries outside of Earth. He has been the leading whistleblower that NASA and other space organizations are hiding the truth from the public about life on other planets…or on satellites, as the case may be.

At the moment, the theory is still valid and adds to a list of strange structures found in the Solar System.

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