Michio Kaku: “Scientists must keep an open mind about UFOs”

One of the most important figures in extraterrestrial disclosure, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, gave a clear message to his fellow scientists: UFOs are no exception.

Through a series of tweets posted last week, Michio Kaku asked physicists to “keep an open mind ” on the possibility that UFOs are evidence of extraterrestrial existence.

Specifically, he assured that it must be among the possibilities that the crew of these unidentified objects are millions of years more advanced than humans.

Michio Kaku’s request

“I think it is a legitimate scientific question to ask ourselves where these UFO sightings come from. Imagine if aliens are millions of years more advanced than us; New laws of physics are opening up, so let’s keep an open mind. ‘

Earlier this year, Kaku told The Guardian that humans are on the way to discovering extraterrestrial life in this century. This is due to technological advances, such as the James Webb telescope .

But he also mentioned that trying to catch up with these civilizations would ultimately be a very bad idea .

“There are some colleagues of mine who think we should reach out to them. I think it’s a terrible idea. We all know what happened to Moctezuma when he met Cortés in Mexico so many hundreds of years ago. Now personally I think the aliens would be friendly, but we can’t bet on that. So I think we will get in touch, but we have to do it very carefully.

The theoretical physicist has implied that his mind is open to the logical possibility: If there are more advanced civilizations in the universe, they will be the ones to decide when and how to contact us. Well, we, we would be a primitive way of life , so we must be prepared.

An open mind?

Michio Kaku also asked all his colleagues to keep an open mind about the origin of UFOs. Now that the United States government has made the existence of unidentified flying beings official, the time is right.

Currently, nobody knows what these strange aerial phenomena are, where they come from, what their intention is, if they are human or extraterrestrial.

A document presented by the Department of Defense, said that between 2004 and 2015, the pilots of the United States Navy, registered 120 sightings of unknown incidents.

This is what the popularizer, Michio Kaku, refers to when he asks his colleagues to be open-minded. Is it possible that those responsible for these 120 sightings are of extraterrestrial origin?

Currently, the scientific community remains skeptical of extraterrestrial life. Despite the fact that more and more efforts are being made to search for it. And with the confirmation of the existence of the UFOs, it seems that the contact is just waiting.

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