Archons: «The extraterrestrial race that dominated the World» (Video)

Today we present the history of the Archons. The Gnostics were followers of an ancient mystical faith that suffered intense persecution at the hands of early Christians who regarded their beliefs as heretical. 

Today, this faith is best known for its assimilation into certain Christian scriptures, most notably the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelations. However, most of the primary information related to this religious sect has been lost and destroyed through the years.

But in December 1947, a secret bank of primary sources related to this influential faith was discovered in Egypt, and intriguingly, these ancient texts may contain crucial information about the UFO phenomenon.

Could an ancient religious faith hold the key to the alien phenomenon?

Ancient texts suggest that adherents of the religion used various methods to communicate with the universe.

In communion with the universe, the Gnostic seers came to develop a theological belief system centered on the goddess Sophia, the source of divine wisdom.

In addition to that, they also believed that inorganic exotic beings were present in the solar system and played a critical role in determining the course of human civilization.

According to ancient Gnostic texts, these aliens are considerably older than the human race.

In fact, before the existence of the solar system itself. These aliens, referred to by the Gnostics as the Archons, were said to inhabit this solar system but were not capable of actually penetrating the Earth.

However, even though they cannot physically manifest on this planet, they are still capable of having an impact on the behavior of human beings.

The Archons are said to be an incredibly powerful alien race that can affect humans en masse with subliminal messages that can alter consciousness.

According to the Gnostics, it was this subliminal conditioning that led to the creation of all major ideologies on Earth including all religious doctrines.

Gnostic texts focus primarily on the Archons when referring to extraterrestrial beings, but also make it clear that they were aware of a wide range of other extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional beings that existed throughout the universe.

Most of these beings were considered either benevolent or totally indifferent to humanity, but the Archons were considered particularly hostile.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, these obscure Gnostic texts stand in awe of 21st-century folklore and knowledge about extraterrestrial life. The Gnostics identified two types of hostile alien beings.

One of which was referred to as a neonatal or embryonic form whose description chimes almost perfectly with the Tall Gray race of extraterrestrial beings.

There is also another reference in the texts to a draconian or reptilian form of alien, which seems to chime with contemporary reports of the reptilian race of aliens.

Could this unusual comparison suggest that these ancient texts could be the key to unlocking the alien mystery?

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