A huge UFO protecting the Earth from Dangerous Comets? (Video)

Comet Leonard extended its huge tail for the last time a few days ago and is ejected from the Solar System forever.

On January 3, 2021, astronomer Greg Leonard detected a distant visitor from the outer Solar System approaching the center of the Solar System: it was C/2021 A1 Leonard, the brightest comet of 2021 and one of the astronomical phenomena that most expectations raised during the year.

After traveling a long way that began approximately 35,000 years ago, when it was beyond Neptune, Comet Leonard experienced the closest point of its orbit with respect to Earth in mid-December, when it was possible to observe it before dawn with a pair binoculars or telescope.

Many who read space news have noted an unusual interest of astronomers in Venus, which occurred before the New Year and lasted for several weeks.

The main plot of the stories was the unusual “rainbow halos” around Venus. Since Venus is a planet, then there should be phases, this is understandable and obvious.

It is incomprehensible that these phases began to be seen with the naked eye, despite the fact that 50 years ago these phases could hardly be seen with a powerful telescope.

All this gave rise to a new sphere of discussion. The idea was expressed that Venus has become closer, “that it is not Venus, but Nibiru, which masquerades as Venus”, and so on. Fiction?

However, even stranger things were observed near Venus on New Year’s Eve.

A huge mysterious object that acts as a gigantic protective field protecting the Earth from Comet Leonard?

As can be seen from the video compiled from official NASA images, during the passage of Comet Leonard by Venus, something similar to Ezekiel’s Wheel moved towards Earth, after which a kind of protective screen was formed between the Comet Leonard and Earth, or between Earth and Venus.

In addition, it was precisely formed and certainly did not appear suddenly, since all the stages of its growth can be traced on photographs.

Neither the author of the channel nor the stunned viewers who saw the video know what it is about. Most often, the version is expressed that this shield was installed by advanced aliens in order to protect the Earth from a cloud of debris flying along with the comet.

According to another version, this shield and similar shields hang around the Earth all the time, only the fragments of the comet showed this shield.

But then what is this shield doing in space? And by the way, why does Venus seem to be getting closer and we can see its phases without telescopes?

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