A circling UFO near the space shuttle Atlantis? (Video)

With 33 missions, the space shuttle Atlantis remained in space for 293 days, completing just over 4,500 orbits around Earth.

It was active for 26 years, from 1985 to July 2011, when it completed its last mission.

This shuttle is remembered for the launching of the Magellan and Galileo space probes, as well as the mission of assembling the International Space Station.

Thus, the amount of images that are had of space, carried out by the astronauts who carried out these missions must be numerous.

Supposedly, this agency tries to keep secret, any image that may contain the possibility of anomalies such as space flying objects of non-human origin.

Surprisingly, a strange anomaly was found in a recently discovered photograph, taken from the Space Shuttle Atlantis from  NASA .

This image was captured during the STS-61B mission in late November 1985

It indicates the presence of an unknown flying object that passed exactly under the North American spacecraft Atlantis. The image is taken on the Asian continent, near the coast of China.

It is believed that this image may be the last in a NASA archive that supposedly would include evidence of the strange black object nicknamed the Black Knight.

But, it can also be an unknown flying object that may have passed en route by the shuttle Atlantis.

It is possible that it is a UFO, which has been wrongly labeled as a satellite. NASA described it as a ‘satellite deployment, without saying more about this possible mission.

Seen from above, a disk-shaped object is observed, below is the cloud cover that covers the Earth.

Around the center of this anomaly, a clearly defined elevation can be seen, which gives an idea of ​​its dimensional appearance, there are ridged parts on its edge, and it is unknown what function this toothed shape could have.

This object is on a path away from an Earth orbit into space. As is known, satellites do not travel into space, they are always in a geostationary orbit.

This is not a satellite, it is a very strange type of disk that does not look like a satellite, and even less of human manufacture.

The route is spectacular due to its speed, therefore  NASA  once again, and for decades, has been hiding information about these objects.

But not only the images can reveal NASA’s secrets, but there was also an incident that managed to delay the landing of a shuttle Atlantis mission for 48 hours.

In 2006, operators debated whether a third heat shield inspection was required, including a spacewalk that would tackle a mysterious object that passed near the shuttle, delaying the spacecraft’s planned landing.

Will we be before the object of the video that caused the delay of the return to land of Atlantis? Check out the video below, and leave us your thoughts below.


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