Is this a 100 million year old fossilized ‘human finger’?

A discovery has put traditional anthropology and science in check ; a stone object that could be a 100 million year old fossilized finger. Is our story different from how they haven’t been told?

According to science, the oldest human fossil is 2.8 million years old and was found in Africa. However, it seems that things are somewhat different.

There are a number of discoveries that totally contradict the historical canon and baffle the scientific community. But none compares to the find of a 100-million-year-old fossilized finger.

The discovery of the “fossilized finger”

In the 1980s, a group of creationists, led by Carl Baugh , claimed to have unearthed an elongated rock, within a pile of gravel. According to his studies, this is a fossilized human finger .

The creationist was known in the past, for his controversial claims about dinosaur footprints , fossils and various artifacts that he has reported to be totally out of time and place, which he began to display at the “Museum of Creation Evidence” in Glen Rose. , Texas.

Fossils discovered in the region showed that the formation was around 100 million years old . In this mysterious case, for the soft tissue to fossilize, paleontologists establish that the finger and its owner must have been buried in an environment where there was no oxygen in a short period of time.

Thus, each individual cell is mineralized separately in a rapid burial, preserving its microscopic characteristics.

According to this explanation, the man who once had the now fossilized finger must have died in a violent way . It is the only way to explain the formation of fossils under extreme conditions. Something that, according to the experts, would happen only by “pure luck.”

To better understand the internal formation of the finger, a portion was cut with a diamond saw, exposing different concentric circles of internal structures.

During the analysis, CT scans were taken, revealing even more startling information, including the presence of what appeared to be bones, joints and tendons.

Due to the differences in their densities, they appeared as darker spots in the scanned images.

Is it really a 100 million year old fossil?

According to the researchers, even though the identity of the finger cannot yet be attributed to a particular individual, or species, it is virtually impossible for it to belong to a primate.

So, it still remains to be answered: How could a 100-million-year-old fossilized finger still exist? Or maybe isn’t it really 100 years old?

In order for the finger to be established as an ” Oopart ” or misplaced object, it needs reliable confirmation that it was once naturally embedded in an ancient rock formation. This is how it is proven that it really is a real fossil finger. At the moment, neither one nor the other has been proven.

In fact, the scant evidence about the fossil’s place of origin takes away its possible anti-evolutionary value. While it could have been found near a gravel pile from the Cretaceous , a period dating from about 145 to 66 million years ago, however, there is no way to verify this.

Although this factual question does not contradict the claims made of the fossilized finger either.

Dale Peterson of Oklahoma City, OK, MD, examined the sectioned specimen using X-rays, CT, and MRI. He was able to identify joints and trace tendons throughout the fossil. His conclusion was: “There can be no reasonable doubt that it is a fossil finger.” Courtesy:

If everything told about the fossil is real, there is a possibility that it fell from an overlapping formation, or was intentionally thrown or placed . There is also the possibility that civilization as we know it was not the first to inhabit the planet.

When we look at our history, we see that there are still many loose ends and mysteries that modern science has not been able to solve and that we only know a small fraction of all the time spent on the planet. In fact, it is believed that we only know between 3% to 10% of our history. What will have happened to the rest that has been lost over the years?

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