Flotilla of UFOs is sighted in broad daylight in the Dominican Republic

For several months, cameras around the world have captured fleets of UFOs entering the Earth. Now, it is the turn of the Dominican Republic, where witnesses spotted a series of unidentified objects in the skies.

The sighting of a fleet of UFOs flying over the sky of Dajabón, a city in the Dominican Republic, caused equal parts astonishment and concern in the inhabitants.

Until now, the opinions of the event are divided, but the only sure thing is that the border city with Haiti is mired in fear.

UFO fleet caught on video

According to the testimonies given by the large number of witnesses, the objects looked like whitish orbs . These constantly appeared and disappeared , maintaining an ascending formation at all times.

In the different videos that have circulated on social networks and that have appeared in the media, it can be seen that they were seen in broad daylight . In them you see between 30 and 40 objects, at least.

As expected, the footage of the UFO flotilla has generated a lot of different comments, theories and opinions among users.

Most skeptics say they are balloons, drones or satellites . However, if they are balloons, they are not affected by the wind.

In the case of devices such as drones, it is extremely difficult to find a whole swarm of such magnitude and, much more, at that height.

And if it is about satellites, like those of Starlink , these are impossible to see in broad daylight.

It’s not the first time

This event occurred at the beginning of April and, until now, no authority has given an official explanation about what happened.

This event is added to another equally controversial one captured by NASA’s Endeavor shuttle camera, where a flotilla of UFOs is observed floating in formation. The most “worrying thing about it” is that these unidentified flying objects were entering Earth.

The alleged action resulted in a massive uproar in the UFO community. Many UFO enthusiasts were angry about what was happening, saying that NASA tried to hide the discovery of a fleet of UFOs in orbit around the Earth.

It is extremely worrying that UFO sightings have gone from seeing a single flying object to an entire fleet entering the planet. Is something happening?

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